At Sys-Tek, we know that providing energy efficient and cost effective solutions is merely the price of admission. Our services go way beyond putting pen to paper or checklists. Our services and documentations become living systems that are a reflection of who we are, which drives us to be a part of the facility from the ground up. To put it simply; our designs are tested, constructible, reliable, energy efficient, and they work. Our engineering services are about making systems operate at their highest possible performance and efficiency regardless of the effort involved.

Other services (described below) were developed to fill our client’s needs. As we move forward, we will continually adapt to the changing industry landscape and technology.

Unique Services include the following:


As a second tier sub-contractor, we have completed well over 30 separate federal projects. Services have included Testing & Balancing, Commissioning, Monitoring and verification, and engineering design.

Projects include Brook Army Medical Center, where Sys-Tek was hired to provide engineering review and analysis, as well as commissioning and balancing for the Central Equipment Plant. We broke this project into 2 separate phases: Phase I addresses immediate concerns and Phase II addresses upgrades and energy efficiency improvements. The Central Plant included a 7,500 TON chiller plant in a primary/secondary pumping configuration with a 2,000 BHP steam plant operating at 125 PSIG.

Below is a list of other projects we have completed:

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