The Sys-Tek approach to commissioning is simple: “Make it work.” Our clients are busy, and they hire us so they can have peace of mind, knowing that when the building is turned over and the occupants move in, the building is going to work at its highest efficiency. In our video library, you can learn more about the way we see it as well as the software and services we provide.


Webinar: Unlocking Your Facility’s Hidden Efficiency, Saving Money

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Save on Your Buildings Energy Costs

Commissioning can help improve building performance and decrease utility costs that result from inefficient operations.

Improve Indoor Quality for your Building

Even the smallest signs of poor air quality are indicative of system malfunctions that can reduce building value.

Cultivate a Comfortable and Productive Environment

Maintaining an enjoyable environment ensures tenant comfort and plays a role in an owner’s ability to reduce turn over.

President Gary Short, PE, on Technical VS. Process Commissioning

Gary Short of sys-tek has twenty-plus years of experience as a professional engineer. Watch here as he discusses the differences between Technical Commissioning and Process Commissioning.

Technical VS. Process Commissioning

At sys-tek, we believe that technical commissioning is the only type of commissioning. Our technical commissioning agents are trained investigators who, unlike a process commissioning agent who simply spot checks and assumes, ensure that all problems of the building have been caught. For over a decade, we have served as what we like to call “building saver superheroes,” completely testing and documenting building energy savers.

Cx/TAB Software Overview

Is your building running at peak performance? Commissioning and TAB services are a great way to ensure that buildings operate as expected. Documenting problems and performance measurements can be pain points for service providers and clients. The Cx/TAB Tool Kit software was created by sys-tek engineers, and allows for consistent and efficient reporting, analysis, and data collection. This software is why we are a leader in the commissioning and TAB fields.

Improve energy efficency and lower costs by commissioning your building !

Increase the efficiency of your systems with professional commissioning services from sys-tek!