3 traits of successful new building commissioning projects
Aug 04, 2016

make-your-building-commissioning-project-a-success.jpgAn investment into a new building commissioning project is one that requires careful planning throughout all stages. The more meticulous you are in ironing out the details and nailing down the finer points of the project, the higher the likelihood for success is for all stakeholders involved.

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Above all else, building commissioning is about quality control. Companies choose to commission a new building so that they can ensure satisfaction with the final product and that it reaches or exceeds all goals laid out in the early stages of planning. To do this, there are a few traits that we consistently strive to facilitate in our new building commissioning projects.

Prepare as early as possible

A successful new building commissioning project requires advanced preparation in the early stages and the ability to be very particular about the details. Most projects begin with the development of Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), which covers all necessary components of the project, including temperature, light, and noise levels for each space. The OPR doesn’t disclose the complete final product, but is used as a blueprint for the commissioning agent throughout the design phase. The sooner a detailed OPR can be put together, the earlier more advanced preparations for other phases of the project can begin.

Find issues early and make arrangements to fix them

New building commissioning provides huge value to building owners because it allows for issues to be spotted early on in the process, avoiding major headaches as the project progresses. At sys-tek, our goal is to anticipate issues during the design phase and address them before they become a larger issue. By being extremely precise during the design phase and fleshing out a detailed OPR from the very beginning of the project, we help companies save costs by identifying issues before they cause delays or increases in costs.

Heavy custom testing throughout the project

On the surface, most new buildings have similar testing requirements. Most projects contain similar components — ventilation fans, units for cooling, and boilers for heating. However, every project has its own unique system considerations. Avoid new building commissioning companies that provide only basic testing.

At sys-tek, we custom-test all systems heavily throughout a project to head off potential issues at the pass and ensure smooth transitions in the later stages. We have been in the commissioning business since 1995, working to design and execute projects that work at the expected performance level. Our process for new building commissioning begins and ends with preparation throughout all phases of the project.

Investing in new building commissioning can result in huge returns for building owners. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate your new project systems with our own to deliver the highest level of results. Our excellent preparation, painstaking attention to detail, and custom testing processes have allowed us to deliver a higher caliber service. We believe that these traits are integral to successful commissioning projects that exceed expectations.

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