Sys-Tek’s services are a combination of skill sets we have developed over the years based on providing solutions to our clients’ challenges. We started installing building controls for clients in 1999 because AT&T had a very unique system that required a high degree of engineering. Our Design/Build business was created because Sprint needed a firm that could go to their sites to upgrade and replace smaller UPS systems with larger systems and do it in such a way that they never took a power hit to the site. Other services described below were developed to fill our clients’ needs and as we move forward, we will continually look for these challenges and continue to provide solutions.

TAB and Field Services

State-of-the-art test equipment in conjunction with a technical staff proficient in the analysis and interpretation of the data is used to identify causes of malfunctions, data corruption, and degraded performance. In addition, sys-tek acts as a third-party independent testing agency to certify that critical components comply with their specifications. Third-party testing is also useful for establishing the initial conditions for warranty purposes.

Combing our field testing with our engineering background we have provided studies for clients to provide them with needed information to budget capital upgrades and assess equipment reuse. In addition, we have provided energy studies for many of our clients and assisted then in establishing energy upgrades over several budget years

Working with facility managers, we could see the void in properly analyzing equipment for excessive vibration. We own the latest state-of-the-art vibration analyzer manufactured by Fluke and have been trained and have provided this service for Brooke Army Medical Center, NKC Hospital and the University of Missouri.

Originally purchased the camera to provide electrical switchgear and electrical system testing. However, since then we have used this camera for countless tests including verifying proper mixing of air streams in mixed air sections or, verify that a coil has the proper heat transfer over the entire face of the coil. The primary use is for electrical component testing during generator and UPS load testing and commissioning.

The proven method for determining whether a battery will perform is to test it under load conditions. Proper load testing is the only way to determine where the battery resides on its expected life curve. Our firm owns and uses the Albér BCT-2000 capacity test system. Load testing is essential for any storage battery system that protects equipment or critical service. Because the battery is almost always the least reliable component, load testing should be done on a regular basis to ensure reliability. The BCT is a combination load control and data logging system consisting of a data acquisition module and a laptop computer data logging unit. The data acquisition module acquires all cell voltage, overall string voltage, and current readings. The computer data logging unit displays the programming parameters for the test. During a load test, the system records overall voltage, load current, and cell voltages.

This is a service we have been providing since our companies inception and dates back to working for our Mission Critical Clients. We have provided testing for generators, which have included paralleling gear using PLCs and synchronizing equipment. We have provided generator testing for plants as small as 75kW and as large as 12 MW. System testing includes air systems, fuel transport as well as electrical systems.


The complexities of electrical power systems require that system be coordinated from source to end-use. We have provided this service for many of our clients including the University of Missouri Biology/Chemistry Building which included research and laboratories where power systems are critical and must remain operational. The study preceded a 2-million dollar upgrade project. Other projects include hospitals, data centers, and Biotech production. A key element in developing accurate coordination studies in fieldwork and getting accurate data.

  • Engineering Studies
  • Controls Integration, Design & Engineering
  • Programmable Control System Design
  • SCADA system design and graphic development
  • Construction Management Services
  • Peer Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Code Research/Compliance Consulting
  • Owner/AHJ Liaison

In many projects after systems are tested, we find equipment not performing as specified. Reasons have included: construction installation, design issues and faulty equipment that just does not work. What we provide is hard pertinent data using repeatable test procedures that cannot be ignored. Using this data along with our engineering expertise and acting as a liaison for our clients we work with the team to bring resolution.


We currently hold the following certifications:

  • NEBB Certified in both TAB and Commissioning
  • Registered Professional Engineers in 17 states
  • LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Commissioning Process Management Professional Certification (ASHRAE)
  • Certified Commissioning Professional (Building Commissioning Association)


Unique Benefits

Just not being satisfied with status quo drives our firm to always be looking for ways to improve and serve our clients. If this means upgrading data management using products like Newforma or, developing a TAB-Cx tool kit to improve our field services and data collection systems. We are a progressive firm who is willing to lead and take on the challenges our clients face provides a unique approach to business in general.

Work Integration

In our experience, the more we communicate with the project team the more likelihood we have buy-in for the work we are doing and its importance to the project’s success. One of the more challenging aspects of any retro-commissioning project is the education of all parties involved to create an overall understanding of the purpose, process and the activities involved in bringing systems to the designed working condition and the highest possible efficiency. Throughout this process, an open and respectful team atmosphere of communication and cooperation must be maintained with the common goal being the successful completion of the project. We will do this by obtaining consensus and approval of the testing plan with the entire project team including UTPA and selected service contractors and vendors. We coordinate very closely with facility managers to review documents to verify a thorough integration of equipment and systems in accordance with the building functions. We will provide written documentation of all testing consensus, questions and identification of deficiencies and recommended corrections

Our firm’s experience of providing Design, Commissioning, Construction Management, Contracting, Testing and Balancing on projects gives us a unique understanding of the challenges that UTPA staff faces daily. With this we are sensitive to these challenges and can communicate effectively. In addition, understanding these challenges helps us anticipate and work with facility staff to ensure they find a comfort zone with the services sys-tek is providing.

Another process we use to remove defensiveness that often comes up is when something is discovered we go direct to facility staff and brain storm solutions and provide needed information. Our goal is to make sure everyone is informed and that no one is caught off guard and put into a defensive position.

Surveying & Documenting

Projects have included making assessment of existing systems for reuse. By making an assessment of existing equipment, we find through testing and evaluation how the equipment is preforming. This includes capacity of fans, controls, heating, cooling, ventilation and pressurization of areas being served. Through testing, inspection and engineering evaluation we develop comprehensive reports that include recommendations for upgrades or reuse along with all associated probable costs. Many times we provide record drawings from data collected in the field using AutoCAD or Revit.

Professional Reports: Our experience preparing professional reports and studies include university buildings and campus. Studies and professional reports have included campus wide electrical system review and assessment where we thermal imagined all major equipment of 400-amps. Reports were prepared for each individual building, providing accurate working conditions, along with any upgrades that would be needed.

Probable cost were included for project budgeting. Other studies we have recently completed included chiller plant upgrades for increasing capacity and efficiency improvements, demand ventilation control and several equipment assessments for various clients.

ENERGY STAR Assessments

Sys-Tek will help your facility achieve ENERGY STAR certification by providing assessments by a licensed professional. For facilities that score below a 75 on their ENERGY STAR rating, Sys-Tek will provide recommendations and estimates for meeting ENERGY STAR Certification and improving building performance. Our commissioning agents are experts at identifying and diagnosing operational inefficiencies within office buildings, hospitals, universities, data centers, and other facilities.

Control System Shop Drawings

For many of our clients we provide shop drawings and control system coordination for system installation. By doing this, the mechanical contractor provides all control devices for installation on mechanical systems under our direction and the electrical contractor provides all wiring, control panels and terminations based on the point-to-point drawings we provide.

Hydronic System Modeling

Using Pipe-Flo and HYSM we have built and managed computer models for large and complex hydronic systems, which have included multiple pumps, cross-ties, tanks, chillers and boilers. The key to accurate modeling is obtaining accurate field test data. Without the accurate test data, you really never know if you have a good model. Once verified, systems can be optimized for upgrades including resizing pumps, replacing pipe sections that are too small or identifying system coils that are undersized or not working properly. The customized data loggers have proven to be a very useful tool when developing models for complex projects.

Customized Data Logging

We have built customized data loggers for our clients and these help to fill the gap in gathering data overtime that is often missing when setting systems up. Unique data loggers use a stand-alone controller using Tridium Niagara Platform, which is web-based and easy to use. A recent data logger we built measured temperatures and differential pressure in a large piping network system so data could be collected based on equipment operation and ambient temperature. Another application we launched custom data loggers in a hospital to record pressurization and CO2 levels. In all, over six stations were launched at a single time and then relocated bi-weekly to collect data throughout the hospital.

Documentation Review

The process our firm has used with success to troubleshoot and find solutions is typically kicked off with a walk-through where we meet with facility operators and end users to find out what their experiences have been and what they feel is under performing or not working correctly. Normally during a walk through, project scope can be further defined and expectations clearly stated. At the project walk through, we like reviewing all drawings and past testing reports if they are available. Drawing review is critical to understand the objectives of the original design and the performance expectations for the equipment. Any existing testing reports will provide baseline information that can be used to compare to new readings we take.

Operating & Maintenance Experience

Sys-Tek currently has a maintenance contract with North Kansas City Hospital and H&R Block World Headquarters where we provide semi-annual tuning of the HVAC systems, UPS Battery IEEE testing and generator load bank testing. We have found sensors get clogged, adjusted, and re-configured. By semi-annual inspection, retuning, and calibrating many of these issues are corrected. In addition, mechanical systems break and many times the facility operator will not know until the day the equipment is needed. Under our service contract after inspection, we provide a list of control and mechanical components that need repair. UPS batteries that are suspect are replaced and generators are tested at full load and serviced.

Project Construction Management

Our company has provided construction management services as a prime contractor, prime consultant and owner representative. Working with a design/build contractor for a level four lab, we provided on-site CM supervision to correct critical problems with the installation and upgrades of HVAC systems. As a CM, we were on site seven days a week for over  three months solving and correcting projects issues. This included keeping mechanical and control contractors on task, and sequencing for systems serving the lab were never interrupted.

Energy Efficient Control Optimization

The sys-tek team knows controls. We have worked on about every conceivable control system manufactured including PLC systems. Typically what we find are software bugs and calibration problems, which can be easily overlooked because systems will fix themselves by throwing more energy at it. This is where optimization of control systems is critical. It is not only the sequence but the components that can provide real energy savings and optimization. The key to energy optimization is remembering you cannot optimize what you cannot measure.

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