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Our experience in electrical engineering and system design covers the entire gamut, including 13.2 medium voltage systems and utility design to fire alarm systems. Today’s electrical wiring systems can be overwhelming with security systems, IT systems, building controls, fire alarms, lighting, generators, and power distribution. Having an engineer that understands all these systems and how they interrelate saves time and money.

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We pride ourselves on finding creative and innovative solutions for our clients and the projects we work on. Recently, through our efforts, we reduced the need for five 13.2V switches to three for a campus utility distribution system. This not only saved on installation costs, but reduced the installation time, which was paramount for the client.

One of the key assets to our design approach is that we know and understand the contractor installation needs and requirements. Using this perspective, we lay out systems that are efficient and constructible. We know the codes, and in some cases, we wrote them. With that said, we know that the electrical codes are a minimum requirement, not the blueprint for design. We anticipate future needs for a facility, and we communicate the options, so decisions are made that support the facility for the building’s life, and not just one project.

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