Quality assurance is no longer the goal for a project to be successful; we consider it the price of admission. Quality assurance at sys-tek is not a project phase, nor a job description, nor a department within. It is not something someone manages, but rather it is what everybody at sys-tek is continually doing. The key to negating mistakes and errors is having the best people in the industry. People who know design, construction, and budget management control the project in a manner that promotes success, not failure. Many mistakes and errors are avoided because our people have extensive experience and can address issues before they become problems.

Our designers and technicians are experienced and field-tested. We test ideas that are fresh but doable. Our designers understand code compliance, life safety issues, and budget. We provide our clients with attainable ideas. Throughout the process, we make sure the design is in line with the budget and program.

Our project managers are creative and practical. We work hand in hand with the project designers, contractors and city code officials to ensure the project meets all applicable codes, fulfills the program requirements, and is on budget. We are creative in finding alternative ways to detail and construct new ideas that are viable and fresh. And as always, we are experienced in the office, experienced in the field, and focused.

Our quality assurance effort is not about an internal department reviewing documents, nor is it about a single individual checking someone else’s work. Our quality assurance effort is about highly talented people who are extremely committed, experienced, focused, and hardworking; constantly monitoring themselves and the project they are committed to. That’s our culture, that’s what we expect from each other and anything less than our best efforts are not acceptable to us.


Our quality management process is divided into the following major sections:

  • Client satisfaction: Attention to detail, desire and commitment to execute projects to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Service: Unique talents in design and construction of mission critical projects serving facilities that operate continuously (24/7).
  • Management response: Company officers, project managers, project superintendents, and associates are dedicated professionals responding without question anytime of any day of the year (24/7). (Try us – we’re not kidding about this one!)
  • Team meetings: Held periodically to coordinate the work progress, maintain schedules, and to resolve potential interdisciplinary conflicts. For most projects, the team will meet at least every two weeks. However, due to the proximity and familiarity of the team members, daily conversations and more frequent meetings with individual team members will be held.

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