From our measurement and verification experience, combined with our commissioning efforts, we discovered that as buildings progress over time, components tend to drift. The drift is caused from normal use or when adjustments are made because of a component failure. Sometimes temporary adjustments to systems are made to facilitate repairs and never reset, causing increase in energy cost.

Using our integration tool we developed for measurement and verification, we found that we could observe key points in a system and get forewarned of the possible drift. Additionally, for some clients, we have semiannual commissioning service contracts where routine appointments are scheduled detect failing systems and make repairs.

The concept of ongoing commissioning might be new for many owners, but the return on investment will speak for itself. We have found that the cost for our ongoing commissioning services pays dividends not only in energy cost, but in performance and comfort for the building’s occupants as well.

Improve energy efficency and lower costs by commissioning your building !

Increase the efficiency of your systems with professional commissioning services from sys-tek!