Commissioning saves money in the form of reduced energy costs, reduces frustration in reduced callbacks and  warranty follow-ups, and improves performance, providing a healthier environment for the building occupants.

We have heard many facility managers say that since they have hired professionals to provide design and highly qualified contractors to perform the installation, that commissioning should be just part of the project. However, in the low-bid world we live in today, that just does not happen. In addition, building systems have become more complex and integrated. Relying on your traditional engineering or contracting firm to possess all the required skill sets is just asking a bit too much.

Commissioning is a unique skill set. The commissioning company must have experience in control installation, contracting, engineering design, and system start-up. We cannot stress enough the importance of experience when developing repeatable test methods and test systems that work, and provide the intended results.

Commissioning is not a luxury — it is a necessity. We always say all buildings get commissioned — it is just a matter of when (before you move in or after the warranty expires). Commissioning does not cost — it saves. Commissioning saves in energy cost, callbacks, upset clients, and equipment.

Improve energy efficency and lower costs by commissioning your building !

Increase the efficiency of your systems with professional commissioning services from sys-tek!