We invented the term Level V Commissioning to provide a breakdown of technical commissioning based on project needs and owner desires, knowing that there is no one stamp that fits every project. Delivering Level V Commissioning has earned Sys-Tek a strong reputation for successfully commissioning and retro-commissioning all types of buildings and facilities.

The five levels of technical commissioning include:
Level I — Design Phase

Develop detailed and comprehensive commissioning specifications and design critique as it pertains to commissioning

Level II — Construction Phase

Review and coordinate the application of the testing plan through the observation and documentation of all equipment and systems, ensuring function complies with the facility’s systems requirements, objectives, and all contract documents.

Level III — Acceptance-Testing Phase

Provide on-site testing, commissioning, and performance testing. This is the most critical phase in the commissioning process. Capacity test critical equipment such as chillers, air handling units, boilers, and pumping systems. Test for internal failures, recovery, and the annunciation of alarms and abnormal conditions.

Level IV — Integrated System Testing

The interaction between the building systems with one another shall be demonstrated under both normal and abnormal operating conditions. We will validate how the site infrastructure, such as chillers, pumping systems, heating plant, air handlers, and electrical systems will likely perform over the next 60 months.

Level V — Warranty Phase

Provide one year of functional retesting of all equipment and systems within the commissioning contract. Revisit any outstanding issues in accordance with the original and seasonal commissioning and facilitate required opposite season/deferred testing and deficiency corrections. Incorporate final testing results, documentation, and reports into the existing commissioning record as well as the current O&M manuals. Provide a retro-commissioning plan of systems for future implementation

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