The sys-tek approach to technical commissioning


The sys-tek approach to technical commissioning is simple: "make it work." Our clients are busy, and they hire us so they can have peace of mind, knowing that when the building is turned over and the occupants move in, the building is going to operate at its highest efficiency possible.



We do not believe in punch-list commissioning, where engineers create lists, point fingers, and go to meetings. Our approach is to test systems using proven test methods, make corrections as needed using the lowest tier subcontractor possible — which is typically the contractor who made the installationand get systems working as designed at the highest efficiency obtainable.



We have proven time and time again that the cost of commissioning truly pays for itself through reduced callbacks, happier building occupants, and increased energy efficiency.


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The Cost of Not Commissioning

The cost of not commissioning is equal to the cost of making repairs after the building is occupied plus the cost of operating a building inefficiently. Commissioning typically has a payback of under 6 months for existing buildings and 2 years for new construction.

For additional information on documented savings from techncial commissioning, refer to the Environmental Energy Technologies Division website.




Certified Commissioning Firm

certified building commissioning firmWe at sys-tek are pleased to announce that we have been named a Certified Commissioning Firm by the Building Commissioning Association. The Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF) certification demonstrates the highest standards for professional commissioning firms. According to the BCA's website, "organizations that hold the CCF designation will stand out among their competitors for the desire and ability to provide the highest quality product to potential clients and the commitment to the advancement of the commissioning industry."


NEBB Certified Testing, Balancing and Commissioning

Our company is NEBB certified in building commissioning and Testing, Adjusting & Balancing in air & hydronic environmental systems. 

Since our firm's inception, our engineering services have included mechanical, electrical, plumbing design, and field services. Our company’s roots in field services date back to 1988 when we provided field testing and system integration for pharmaceutical production, research labs, and data centers.

Our firm is certified by NEBB, providing our clients assurance that their project will be completed to NEBB standards even if they have to bring in another certified firm to complete the project.  Additionally, NEBB training is second to none, and the certification process is rigorous to ensure our firm meets the standards developed by NEBB over its 40 year history. When you hire a NEBB certified firm, you can have confidence knowing that the staff is trained at the highest levels, and all equipment calibration is certified.

LEED Commissioning

We are also frequently used as an independent LEED commissioning authority to provide certification for Platinum, Gold, and Silver LEED projects. Projects where we have provided commissioning for LEED-Certified buildings include: 

  • Missouri DNR — Platinum
  • Missouri Bank  — LEED, Fundamental and Enhanced Cx
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City New Student Union — Silver
  • Kansas City Polar Bear Exhibit — Silver
  • Johnson County Youth & Family Services Center — Platinum
  • Columbia Environmental Research Center — Gold
  • KCAD Field Maintenance Facility — Silver
  • Ft. Polk Shira Dental Clinic — Silver
  • Ft. Riley Building 219 — Silver
  • Ft. Sill Building 3161 — LEED, Fundamental and Enhanced Cx
  • Ft. Sill Integrated OR's — In progress
  • Ft. Sam Houston Food & Drug Laboratory — In progress
  • ASCT Norfolk Virginia Restore Building Systems SP124 –  LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Cx
  • City of Blue Springs New Public Services Building — In progress



Our Services

Our Technical Commissioning Team provides building commissioning, retro-commissioning, start–up testing, measurement and verification, and energy management services. This includes all technical commissioning services required for a LEED certification. 

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