Leavenworth, Kansas – Army Reserve Center
Apr 24, 2013

Army Reserve Center

SPIRIT Commissioning Project

Leavenworth, Kansas

sys-tek provided commissioning & testing and adjusting & balancing services for the mechanical equipment & building automation control systems for this 40,000 square foot Army Reserve Center. The systems balanced & commissioned included chillers, boilers with associated pumping & distribution systems, air-handling units, traditional variable volume systems, terminal units including VAV boxes, fan coil units, unit heaters, exhaust fans, and temperature control systems.

Ensuring Owner’s Design Needs Were Fully Met

As the commissioning agent, sys-tek developed & documented the functional testing procedures for the controls and equipment. sys-tek executed the functional test for the airhandling systems and the heating hot water & chilled water systems with the assistance of installing contractors when required. The installing contractor, at the recommendation & approval of the CX Agent and owner representative, implemented corrections to the equipment and/or control sequence programming. Implemented corrections were verified by retesting of the specific sequence.

In the design phase, we documented the design intent, and continued through construction, acceptance, and supported these efforts during the warranty period. Commissioning services during the construction of this project included the following specific objectives:

  1. Verified the installation was in accordance with the Contract Documents
  2. Ensured that applicable equipment and systems were installed properly and received adequate operational checkout by the contractors
  3. Verified and documented proper performance of equipment and systems
  4. Ensured that O and M documentation left on site was complete
  5. Ensured that the owner’s operating personnel were adequately trained
  6. Chiller systems: All of the equipment and controls associated with the chilled water system were functionally tested including chiller and pumps
  7. Hot water systems included boilers and circulating pumps
  8. Air-handlers: Functional testing included heating and cooling sequences
  9. Terminal units: Computer room AC units
  10. Unit heaters: Temperature Control and Building Automation System (BAS). This included verification of operation, the sequence of control of each piece of equipment tested, and calibration of hardware points
  11. Supply/Exhaust fans
  12. Building pressurization