KCI Equipment Mechanical Bay Upgrade Project Sheet
Jun 21, 2013



Kansas City Aviation Department
Equipment Mechanical Bay Upgrade
LEED Enhanced Commissioning
Location: Kansas City, MO
Architect: Wellner Architects

Scope of Work

The Kansas City Aviation Departments Equipment Mechanical Bay is located at 125 Paris Street and is comprised of offices, storage and multiple vehicle maintenance bays. sys-tek was contracted to perform commissioning for newly installed Make Up Air Units (MAU’s), Roof Top Units (RTU’s), and all associated HVAC equipment which has been affected by the building upgrade. The main objective of the commissioning process was to validate the efforts of the designing engineer and to review system functionality and performance as installed.

The MAU’s are installed on the rooftop and are designed for an air purge system. There are CO/NO Sensors installed throughout the building and they are independently tied into the MAU local to the sensor. On the North West portion of the building there are multiple offices on second floor as well as first floor. This portion of the building is conditioned by Roof Top Units (RTU’s) which are equipped with DX cooling and Gas Heating. In order to satisfy specific occupant heating and cooling demands, the individual offices are served from bypass terminal units.

A unique Commissioning challenge for this project is that the owner opted to not incur the cost for installation of a Building Automation System (BAS). This is where sys-tek’s hands- on approach to Commissioning truly shined through. Our testing equipment and software facilitated validating equipment/system performance and calibration. Where some would be limited without a BAS installed sys-tek’s proven processes and execution ensured true performance verification.

Field testing comprised of the following:

  • Physical review of the installation of each piece of equipment. This review was targeted to ensure maintainability and proper installation.
  • Functional testing of each piece of equipment, testing included:
    • Proper bypass unit reaction to changes of set points
    • Various tests on each RTU including, unit startup, supply fan checkout, cooling check, heating check, economizer operation, etc.
    • Validation of CO/NO monitoring and control strategy for the equipment bays.