Bayer Corpscience Formulation Pilot Plant Project Sheet
Jun 21, 2013

Life Sciences


Bayer Corpscience
Formulation Pilot Plant


This project scope included building-out a 1,500 square foot laboratory, installing a new eight foot fume hood, and providing exhaust systems with HEPA filtration, make-up air supply, pressurization, and temperature control.
We provided mechanical consulting engineering services, project management, site supervision, testing and balancing, and system commissioning services. In addition, we provided all new controllers and control installation including design, start-up, and programming of digital controllers.
Commissioning and balancing services included air balance for room pressurization and set up of exhaust systems for the new fume hood and HEPA filtering system. Commissioning included setting up and verifying temperature control for steam reheat coils and recommissioning existing air handling system that was re-used in the project. The existing air handling system was controlled using an Allen Bradley PLC. The conclusion of the commissioning required re-programming, point-to-point verification, and calibration of controllers.

Planning Ahead & Pre-ordering Equipment

The project construction window was limited to two weeks once construction began, which required extensive up front planning and coordination with all sub-contractors. As the lead consultant and construction supervisor, we provided all coordination and scheduling for the project. Scheduling requirements had to be coordinated closely with the fume hood installation, floor covering, sprinkler system installation, and ceiling installation. In addition, all ductwork systems, coils, and other equipment had to be pre-ordered and delivered to the job site prior to starting construction.