We at sys-tek are committed to providing exemplary technical commissioning services to the healthcare sector. We have completed well over 100 separate projects in Health Facility Commissioning (HFCx), including hospitals, laboratories, chemical storage, and research facilities. We understand that when all systems and components of a healthcare facility are not functioning optimally, it affects more than energy and operational costs — it directly impacts patient comfort and care.

Our company is a member of ASHE, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, one of the largest associations devoted to optimizing the healthcare environment. We also belong to the Kansas City metro chapter of ASHE, Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers (KCAHE). Our membership in these organization provides sys-tek engineering with extended training on delivering safe and effective patient care environments.

Healthcare is the largest industry in the world, servicing the needs of millions of people every day. The EPA estimates that the U.S. healthcare industry’s current annual electricity use of 73 trillion kilowatthours (kWh) contributes $600 million per year to healthcare costs due to increased asthma and other respiratory illness.

At a time when hospitals are feeling the effects of new healthcare laws, and many have had to cut staff and services, health facility commissioning can provide these facilities with significant energy savings and reduced operational costs. Health facility commissioning isn’t a luxury or an “added expense” — it’s an essential undertaking to help keep costs down and keep patient satisfaction high. Don't hesitate to contact sys-tek today for more information on how health facility commissioning can benefit your organization.


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Our life sciences projects include all projects that deal with the sciences of life & living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution.

sys-tek has completed well over 100 separate projects in the life sciences market ranging from hospitals, laboratories, animal holding, chemical storage, and agricultural chemicals to research facilities, pilot plants, production lines, central utilities, clean rooms, and support areas. Our pharmaceutical projects include products of all types: liquids, ointments, creams, pills and packaging.

Our experience in this market includes engineering design, validation, commissioning, testing & balancing, and construction services. These projects encompass everything from simple tenant finishes to complex manufacturing process systems to controlled-temperature clean rooms.

To put it bluntly, we are experts at the hard stuff — the rest comes easy to us.



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