University of Wisconsin – Veterinary Medical School

The project experience included MEP design for Veterinary Medical Facility. The design included both small and large animal holdings, surgical suites, and laboratories. The small animal holding included dog runs, rabbit, and rodent holding. The MEP systems included animal watering systems, HVAC, and plumbing specialties such as cage wash down systems for dog runs and large animal holding.


Merck Animal Research Facility – Lawrence, Kansas

Project scope included adding a new 30,000 square feet animal holding facility for an existing research facility. MEP systems included HVAC, lighting, and plumbing systems. Animal holding areas included dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents. Systems included cage wash facilities, dog runs, and research laboratories.


University of Wisconsin – Primate Research Facility

The project scope included an MEP upgrade of an existing facility. Upgrades included complete replacement of HVAC, lighting, and power. Upgrades included new cage wash systems, animal holding areas, laboratories, and supporting offices. HVAC upgrades included new air supply and exhaust systems designed specifically for collection of animal hair.


Bayer – Aquatics Research Facility – Stanley, Kansas

Under the project scope for this project, we designed new HVAC system upgrades for the Aquatics Lab used to house ducks. Upgrades included new HVAC systems, holding areas, and duck pins. Services provided included engineering design, air balancing, and control system programming and commissioning.


Animal Research Facility – KU Medical Center

The project scope included a design of a new animal research facility. MEP designs included an HVAC for animal holding, cage wash areas, and laboratories. Animal holding included rabbits, rodents, and small animals. Engineering design included heat recovery systems, building automation, and other specialty systems including medical gases, surgery suites, and support office areas.