We provided multiple engineering and commissioning services for the Boehringer Ingelheim Chiller Plant located in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. We developed installation drawings and specifications that clearly illustrate the requirements for this project.

Our drawings and specifications clearly defined the work based on construction phasing that was needed to insure that the campus and critical chilled water systems remained operational during the project implementation. Down time was limited to the greatest extent possible by phasing, installation of key isolation of freezer systems that are currently fed from the chilled water systems.

Scope of Work

These services were broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 0 included retro commissioning, monitoring, and balancing. The objective of this phase was to maximize the existing chiller capacity and piping configuration, and optimize the existing chiller plant equipment to improve the ability to provide continuous cooling to the entire campus at the greatest extent possible.

Phase 1 and 2 are based on developing a single construction package that will include both of these phases combined. By combining these phases there will be savings in both engineering and construction cost. This included the engineering design phase, and the scope of work included: installing piping systems to maximize the existing piping network, provide additional controls and valving to allow for chilled water systems to be balanced, and flow adjusted at each air handling unit to meet the design requirements. This phase also includes the addition of new piping systems to increase the piping network serving the campus as well as the installation of a new 600 ton chiller and a new cooling 600 ton cooling tower.

We worked closely with the installing contractor and manufacturer as the new piping systems and the chiller were installed to insure that it was working correctly. The chiller and pumping and control system testing included observation of chiller plants and equipment. The scope of work also included integration and alarm testing of system components.