Under this project, an energy upgrade program was designed and implemented which included fuel switching 1500 tons of chilling capacity to natural gas absorption cooling, and the installation of a waterside economizer utilizing a flat plate heat exchanger. The waterside economizer provides 800 tons of cooling capacity during the winter months.

This project also included the installation of variable speed drives (VSDs) on 38 air-handling systems, the conversion of chilled water pumping systems to variable pumping, and installation of a new 600-point energy management system. The implementation of this project provides the facility with over $600,000 in energy savings per year.

Services provided under this project included comprehensive development of the energy upgrade program, MEP engineering, construction management, installation programming, commissioning, and start up for a 600 point energy management system. We also monitored the facility’s energy savings daily to verify system performance. Reports of the system performance were prepared and distributed monthly.

sys -tek Engineers as Facility Managers

Under our service contract, sys-tek replaced air handling systems, installed new control system upgrades, as well as providing continuous service and recommissioning of control, mechanical, and electrical systems.

For this project, we provided all control system engineering including the preparation of shop drawings, development of DDC programs, and updates to graphic systems located on central computer systems. Control system design criteria included maintaining a clean room at +/-2*F and +/-5%RH. New control installation included a new 32 point DDC panel. The new panel was interfaced with the campus systems using the control system LAN.

Other services provided under our service contract included training, development of operating procedures, maintaining maintenance data and manuals, system trouble shooting, record drawing management, and control upgrades for new projects including clean rooms, laboratories, and office remodels.