We have completed well over 400 separate projects in the telecommunications industry for AT&T, Sprint, SBC, and Verizon. For many of these facilities, we have been the engineer of record since 1985. We have completed numerous projects, including electrical upgrades, generator installations, HVAC upgrades, chiller plant upgrades and optimization, and countless renovations.

Design: We provide a variety of engineering services required to maximize the reliability and availability of data centers’ mechanical systems and electrical power.

Specializing in the unique distribution requirements of data centers and other non-linear loads, we offer in-depth expertise for improving, supplementing, and upgrading existing electrical power systems and their associated HVAC requirements.

Projects include installations of parallel and/or redundant UPS and standby generator systems, power conditioning, power distribution, lighting systems, chiller & cooling systems, and energy upgrades and improvements.

Proven Record: The magnitude of the type of services we provide is an example of our ability to work outside the standard perception of what a consulting engineer should be. The experience we receive from performing these types of duties is unique, and gives us insight beyond the basic design to actual operation of the facility after construction. This experience reinforces our commitment to designing quality systems that meet the needs of the end-user, and we can blame no one but ourselves if we didn’t get it right the first time.


Mission Critical project details



Jefferson Toll Building-4th and 5th Floor National Technology Center

Design, Operation, and Recommissioning

Renovation and Equipment Upgrades

Wireless Expansion

Toll Building-HVAC Upgrade

Toll Building-Data Center 

Target Corporation

Consulting Engineering & Commissioning 

State Street Disaster Recovery Facility

TAB and Commissioning 

Lee’s Summit Technical Campus Townsend Capital

Utility Separation 

DST Systems, Inc.

Generator Plant Evaluation & Upgrade

Captive Plastics

Process Cooling 

Bass Pro Shops

Data Center Expansion


Critical Facility Commissioning

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