The scope for this project involves performing integration and commissioning of all mechanical and control systems for the existing data center. This includes commissioning of the chilled water systems serving the DR area, computer room, and support area. Cooling capacity verification, redundant operations, and the cross tie between the building central chiller plant. Using integration testing, engineering efforts, sys-tek

Integration testing
  • Control automation, flow verification, pump operation, chiller sequencing, make-up water systems, raised floor air distribution, monitoring, and controls systems at the completion of this project
  • Testing was conducted for all mechanical systems in a series of functional and fault test procedures to ensure proper operation of all components
Engineering efforts
  • Thorough peer review, risk analysis of the mechanical and mission critical systems, and equipment design
  • Working closely with the construction team, we provided valuable insight of these systems from a reliability and maintainability perspective
  • Developed an Integration Procedures Manual and validated subcontractor’s Commissioning Procedure Manuals
  • Directed and coordinated with subcontractors in the development of detailed descriptions of control sequences of operations and validation during integration procedures. We recorded the results of tests and issued periodic corrective action notices as necessary
sys-tek developed and provided
  • a final commissioning report attesting to the proper performance as designed and specified.
  • completed a comprehensive review of the status of start-up and pre-functional testing & report deficiencies to the contractor, owner’s representative, and program manager.
  • developed specific functional test procedures and forms documenting the integration of each system.
  • reviewed & commented on functional testing of each item of equipment and provided assurance that all equipment was operating according to design intent.
  • provided oversight of “point-to-point” checkout of the control system performed by Controls Subcontractor.
  • reviewed test sequences and initial test procedures for each critical system.
  • routinely reviewed submittals & shop drawings and provided comments as required.
  • attended contractor meetings as they related to the commissioning program.
  • provided local presence on site as often as necessary.
  • performed closing audits and assisted in the close-out of the project.
  • coordinated and assisted in scheduling of all testing needed for the raised floor environment.
  • Testing & commissioning the raised floor, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, EPO systems, capacity testing, failure analysis, and redundant system operation.