Scope of Work

sys-tek provided engineering design for replacement & upgrade for the building chilled water system. That included the replacement of two chillers with new 750-Ton chillers and the upgrade of piping distribution systems. Upgrades for chiller plant systems will include stand-by make-up water system for the cooling tower in the event of loss of the water supply system to the building.

System design for adding a 4th generator plant located on the 1st floor. Design includes upgrades to fueling systems, alarm, and power systems. Upgrades included modifications to SCADA systems for the 4th generator and integration into new paralleling gear. An addition of a new HVAC cooling system was added to support the 5th Floor Data Center. Systems included new HVAC iar handling systems and in-row cooling.

Upgrades were made to the fire smoke and depression systems. Sprinkler systems were installed in common areas on the 4th & 5th floors. Sprinkler systems are dry-pipe double action and infrastructure will include new compressed air or nitrogen systems sized to serve the facility based on requirements for the COH high riser building codes.