Wichita, Kansas

The facility, originally constructed in the late 30’s as a two-story building and later expanded in the 60’s as a four-story building, was primarily used to support office personnel prior to AT&T purchasing the building.

During this project, we provided program development, design, construction administration, system commissioning, and testing & balancing services. During the program development phase, we did a complete evaluation of the structure and developed a comprehensive plan for renovating the building to support telecommunication equipment at 50 watts / square foot heat density.

MEP engineering design included complete MEP renovation of the facility. Our basis for design was to provide a total redundant MEP infrastructure for continuous operation. In addition, the initial construction was to finish out the first two floors and shell the top two floors for future expansion.

N+1 Redundancy

MEP system design accommodated the initial requirements with the ability to expand by installing air handling, chilling, and power systems in a N+1 configuration with the ability to double in size to support future build-out of the upper two floors.

Air systems included two 40,000 CFM air handlers with the ability to add two additional units without affecting the main distribution air ducts. Chiller systems included two 350-ton chillers with the ability to double the capacity by simply installing the chillers and tying into the existing piping network systems. Electrical systems included a new 3,000-AMP, 480-volt service entrance with 750 kW stand-by generator’s with the ability to add an additional generator.

Value-Added Services

System commissioning included managing & orchestrating all start-up services for the MEP infrastructure as well as detailed integration testing and fault failure analysis. Testing services provided directly by sys-tek included generator start-up, infared-scanning, air & water balancing, control system function testing, control system point wiring, and point configuration testing.