UMKC Law & Bloch Building Commissioning Project Sheet
Jun 21, 2013

Higher Education


Law & Bloch Building
Commissioning Services
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Project Duration: March 2010 to September 2010
Size: 121,000 SQUARE FEET
Cost: $175,335
Control Contractor: Honeywell


Scope of Work

sys-tek was brought on board by the University of Missouri – Kansas City to ensure operation of all zone controls as they were replaced. Due to the fast track schedule, sys-tek provided Commissioning and Balancing services on a continuous basis. As existing pneumatic congtrols were replaced, sys-tek immediately balanced and commissioned the unit and controls. sys- tek worked with the contractors on a nightly basis for 2 months to ensure occupants were not disturbed during the upgrade process.

Due to energy efficiency efforts at the University, spaces were experiencing sub- cooling. sys-tek devised a truly unique sequence of operations for the existing Air Handling Units to counteract the sub-cooling, while still maintaining the desired energy efficiency. The addition of DDC controls provided a window into their space comfort controls.

Maximizing Building Operations

Prior to the replacement, Commissioning and Balancing of the zone controls systems were performed and found that they were not operating as designed. Our efforts have fine tuned their systems to maximize building operations. Use of the sys-tek Cx TAB Tool Kit Software provided advanced analysis of the coils and fans. This data not only validates the performance of equipment but provides much needed information for service and maintenance.