St. Joseph Medical Center Project Sheet
Jun 21, 2013

Life Sciences


St. Joseph Medical Center
AHU #6- 2nd Floor Surgery RCx
Location: Kansas City, Missouri


The purpose of this project was to perform retro-commissioning on Air Handling Unit #6 which feeds the OR suites on the 2nd floor of the hospital. As part of this process overall op- erational performance of the unit and OR zones was benchmarked. This included equipment operation, airflow readings, & temperature/humidity data loggers.

Performance commissioning of the unit was accomplished by manipulating the Network 8000 Graphical User Interface (GUI) located in the control room. Zone controls were exercised via the Automated Logic Controls (ALC) GUI. These two interfaces were used to verify all in- puts/outputs, and to evaluate the usefulness of the GUI’s.

Prior to beginning the retro-commissioning of the air handling unit, sys-tek performed a pre- commissioning analysis of the unit to gauge the unit’s performance prior to performing any testing. Pre-commissioning consisted of reading airflows and launching standalone data log- gers in the unit supply air, return air, mixed air, & outside air sections.

Retro-commissioning of the air handling unit involved a systematic review of the unit’s overall performance. We focused on verifying individual unit component operation and fixed what we could. This section details our findings and summarizes data.

During the first phase of retro-commissioning the air handling unit, all control outputs and devices were operationally checked. All control outputs on the Network 8000 system func- tioned as designed. However several of the end devices (dampers & valves) were physically inoperable.

During retro-commissioning, data loggers were launched in the unit to record temperature & humidity at 1-minute intervals. Data loggers were launched in the following locations:

  • Discharge air section of the unit.
  • Retrun air duct.
  • Mixed air section – high location.
  • Mixed air section – low location.
  • Outside air section.