Murphy Hall Administration Building HVAC Upgrade
Apr 24, 2013

University of Kansas Medical Center

Murphy Hall Administration Building HVAC Upgrade

Multiple Projects

Under this project, we provided engineering design to extend campus utilities to provide heating and cooling for this four story building.

The existing building contained many small air conditioning systems located throughout the building. The heating system was a radiant steam system that did not function as originally installed.

New steam, hot water, and chilled water services were extended to the building. Also, a central riser was installed so each floor could be fed by the campus chilled water and steam system. During this project, the third floor HVAC was also designed. It included a central air handling unit with VAV hot water reheat for the various spaces.

At a later date, another project was also completed to install a similar system on the fourth floor of this building.

The project included extensive site survey, engineering drawings, specifications, and assistance to the owner in construction administration.

Dykes Library Utility Extensions

This project included engineering design to extend campus utilities to the library so an antiquated chiller, tower, and boiler could be removed.

The piping was extended from a nearby overhead walk bridge to below grade and brought around the building into the mechanical room through the underslab tower water tank. The tank was used for maintenance and an access point. Piping was extended in the building to the existing air handlers.

Robinson Hall

Engineering design for this project included installation of a new central station air handling system to serve three floors in Robinson Hall.

The second, third, and fourth floors were under remodel, that allowed a new central system to be designed and installed in the penthouse of the building. A new 31,000 cfm air handler was installed to provide conditioning. The fourth floor was also completed and attached to this system. The system for the floors are VAV with hot water reheat.

Hoglund Brain Imaging Center

sys-tek provided MEP engineering design services for 475 square feet of tenant finish area, including engineering design and drafting for the mechanical HVAC, as well as engineering design and drafting for the power and lighting. sys-tek provided shop drawing review and final review site visit to review the mechanical and electrical installations.