Kansas City, Missouri – Kansas City International Airport Field Maintenance Facility Renovations
Apr 24, 2013

Kansas City International Airport Field Maintenance Facilty

The KCI Field Maintenance Facility is a 96,000 ft2 facility which encompasses equipment storage areas, employee office space, employee locker rooms, and an employee break room. For this project, sys-tek provided LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning, helping the facility to achieve LEED Silver accreditation. Mechanical systems serving the employee areas utilized geothermal heat pump fan coil units with geothermal wells located below the parking lot. Energy efficient lighting for the employee areas used a day lighting system with “light wells”. In the equipment storage area which houses maintenance vehicles CO & NO monitoring systems were used to maintain safe levels of ventilation in conjunction with large Air Turnover Units and exhaust systems.

Customized tests and performance steps were developed using sys-tek’s Cx/TAB Tool Kit software for the MEP systems being tested. sys-tek’s performance steps are designed to validate more than the basic testing information such as whether the compressor and fan enabled. As an example for the geothermal fan coil units a true performance step was developed. The following information was measured and input into the Cx/TAB Tool Kit software:

  • Actual Coil CFM
  • Coil Entering/Leaving Air Dry Bulb & Humidity
  • Design Coil Capacity in BTU’s
  • Coil Entering/Leaving Geothermal Well Water Temperatures
  • Design and Actual Coil GPM

The following performance metrics and data are then calculated and used to validate actual equipment performance:

  • Air & Water Capacities in both BTU’s and Tons
  • Coil Entering/Leaving Wet Bulb and Enthalpy conditions