AT&T – Wireless Expansion
Apr 24, 2013


Wireless Expansion

San Antonio, Texas

This project included design and construction services for the complete renovation of an existing equipment space for a new telephone switch to support cellular services. The project included the installation of a new 40,000 CFM air handling & duct distribution, DDC control systems, lighting, power distribution, and an early warning firing detection. In addition, mechanical and electrical systems were designed with N+1 redundancy.

As the prime contractor for the project, we provided construction management, on-site supervision, contract management, and material acquisition. Construction management services included preparing detailed method of procedures (MOP’s) for all construction tasks that had a potential of affecting service to existing live telecommunication equipment. This included all electrical tie-ins, air handling system interconnections, and tie-ins to the existing chilled water mains.

The project scheduling was continually updated and tracked using Microsoft-Project scheduling software. During weekly construction meetings, we would review the project schedule, design installation, and cover the job site safety.

The control systems monitored the operation of mechanical & electrical distribution equipment and notified building operators of any failure. Redundant systems are automatically activated in the event of a system failure.

The entire project was phased, including replacement of HVAC systems without a service interruption to adjacent areas. This required close coordination with all involved parties to insure that events occurred in sequence and that each sub-contractor had material & labor needed to complete the task.

We provided all system commissioning for the project which included point-to-point verification and N+1 functional testing of the Andover building controls.

Fire & smoke detection systems included addressable early warning fire detection and Very Early System Detection Alarm (VESDA). These devices were tested and verified for alarm transport to AT&T’s central NOC.

Air & hydronic balancing included variable air volume air handling system with chilled water cooling, served from a central chilling plant. All balancing was completed in accordance with NEBB practices and procedures.