AT&T – Toll Building-HVAC Upgrade
Apr 24, 2013


Toll Building – HVAC Upgrade

Kansas City, Missouri

This project included engineering design to install a new 75,000-CFM air-handling system on a live equipment floor, requiring continuous operation of the existing HVAC air handling and distribution systems.

We developed a detailed construction phasing plan to insure existing HVAC systems remained operational, while the new unit was installed and interfaced with the existing ductwork systems.

The phase plan included installation of a temporary air-handling unit installed on the floor above and ducted down to the floor where the new unit was being installed. The temporary unit was then interfaced with the existing ductwork systems. Control dampers were strategically located to connect new duct systems without interrupting service to the telephone equipment area.

Engineering design services included preparing detailed control shop drawings integrated with the construction phasing plan we developed and coordinated with the end-users of the facility. All antiquated lighting systems were removed and replaced with new high efficiency lighting.

Control systems included expanding and upgrading the existing Direct Digital Control system to provide HVAC control. Control sequence included N+1 HVAC. Consequently, if the primary unit failed, the stand-by unit would automatically start.

Project installation required dust partitioning and rigging the new air handling unit 150 feet in the air through a wall opening. The air handling unit was intentionally designed that each section of the air handling unit could fit through an opening three foot wide.

We provided all commissioning, testing & balancing, and start-up services. In addition, we assembled operation & maintenance manuals and provided owner training on system operation.