Delaware recognized for leadership in Better Buildings Challenge
Oct 14, 2013

The state of Delaware has recently been recognized as a leader in energy reduction for its impressive accomplishments in President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge. Whereas other partners in the challenge have managed to reduce total energy usage by an average of 2.5%, Delaware has been able to demonstrate reduced energy use by 5%.

The Better Buildings Challenge was launched by President Obama in 2011, and called on commercial and industrial leaders to reduce their portfolio-wide energy use by a total of 20% by the year 2020. Any partners that participate in the challenge and are able to achieve reduced energy use are expected to share their energy-saving strategies with all other states and parties involved in the challenge.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell says that as a whole, partners in the state have worked hard to find ways reduce energy consumption in state and government buildings. One of their first projects involved replacing thousands of incandescent lights with lights that consumed less energy in numerous state buildings.

Delaware’s biggest achievement in the Better Buildings Challenge was reflected in the state’s showcase project — the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington. The Carvel building measures at 302,250 square feet, and underwent a series of 12 different energy conservation improvements. Specific changes made to the Carvel building were:

  • Replacement of inefficient lighting with 3,000 energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Installation of lighting controls and 400 occupancy sensors
  • Optimization of cooling tower
  • Insulation of hot water piping
  • Energy-efficient motor installation for 8 motors
  • Installation of ENERGY STAR transformers that replaced 7 former models
  • Replacement of 613 original heat pumps
  • Expansion of existing roof-mounted 10kW photovoltaic system
  • Installation of 55 bathroom aerators to result in water conservation

Despite its recent achievements, the state of Delaware continues to go strong in the Better Buildings Challenge and has plans to improve energy efficiency in numerous other state buildings, including the Sussex County Courthouse, the Sussex Correctional Institution, and the James Williams State Service Center.

As a whole, Delaware has committed to reducing energy usage in the state for 8.01 million square feet by the year 2020.

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