Investments in clean energy strengthen national security
Oct 16, 2013

Earlier this year, funding was cut in half for research on renewable energy and energy efficiency, while at the same time, funding was cut by 80% on the Department of Energy’s advanced energy projects agency.

However, from a military standpoint, the Department of Defense has had the ability to invest in deployable renewable energy technologies that could not just cut costs, but reduce risk to troops who are overseas and using fuel in combat.

According to sources at the Pentagon, senior military and intelligence officers believe that making investments in clean energy such as biofuels and solar power can strengthen national security, especially since enemies have recognized the United States’ dependence on oil and fuel. Plus, when the price of a a barrel of oil increases by as much as $10, the Department of Defense is forced to cut back on funding for critical mission training and military equipment maintenance.

In taking steps to strengthen national security, the Department of Defense has invested in providing the Marines with solar-powered blankets and panels that power their bases and eliminate the need for fuel. Meanwhile, the Army is in the process of developing a hybrid Humvee with performance that rivals the performance and protection of a standard Humvee but with 90% better fuel efficiency.

The Pentagon has also invested in homegrown biofuels made of non-food items such as algae and camelina that have the ability to power a number of Army vehicles and Air Force F-16 fighter jets.

In conclusion, clean energy is associated with far more benefits than just improving the environment, and can result in a stronger and safer outcome for the United States military and national security.