Quintiles – Stability Storage Facility
Apr 24, 2013


Stability Storage Facility

The scope of the project was to reproduce the stability storage space from Buildings ‘A’ and ‘C’ at Aventis into the Quintiles Building ‘L’ second floor.

A minimum of four chamber manufacturers were interviewed by the design team and selected to bid this turnkey operation. The consultants designed the space layout and associated utilities to support the walk-in & reach-in conditioned chambers. A Kaye environmental monitoring system was installed within the stability storage. These are some of the largest chambers and most comprehensive technology in the contract pharmaceutical industry. The storage is used to further develop and analyze the shelf life of drugs in temperature and humidity conditions. Considerable attention was given to developing a reliable, maintainable, and validated mechanical & electrical system for the new stability storage to meet client demand.

Refrigeration for the walk-in chambers is provided by redundant water-cooled chillers, with back-up systems for both the chiller condensers and the chiller loop specific to the chambers. The system also employs redundant air handlers and distribution pumps. The commercial electrical power is backed up by a new standby diesel-driven generator and automatic transfer switch.