Overland Park, Kansas – Sprint World Headquarters HCAV Upgrade
Apr 24, 2013

Sprint World Headquarters

HCAV Upgrade

Overland Park, Kansas

For the initial phase of this project, Sys-Tek provided conceptual design of building core MEP systems and sizing of all air handlers, which included over 3.9 million square feet of office space in a campus setting.

To take advantage of the buying power that this project provided by its shear magnitude, we developed pre-purchase specifications for equipment. This allowed Sprint to negotiate with suppliers at the project conception for air handling units, chillers, cooling towers, plumbing fixtures, electrical switchgear, and variable air volume terminal devices. By doing this, Sprint saved more than 20% when compared to conventional methods.

Services provided also included preparation of detailed specifications to obtain bids for controls systems and commissioning agents. By getting the commissioning agents involved early in the project, many of the start-up issues normally found at the close of a project were resolved during the design and construction.

Working with the project construction manager, Sys-Tek assisted in establishing the MEP budgets for the project and set probable cost goals early on. By doing this, Sprint was able to implement strict cost control guidelines to manage the cash flow, which was extremely critical given that the project required several years to implement.

During subsequent phases of the project, we provided MEP core/shell design for office buildings and full design for the Central Services Building. Central utility services included design of underground chilled water piping distribution network to move 19,000 gallons per minute of chilled water for the entire site.

The core & shell services included the building’s air handlers, main supply trunk ductwork, water, and waste water distribution to core bathrooms, plus electrical service gear and distribution to core electrical rooms.

During the final design & construction phases, we were the MEP representative in biweekly code meetings with the City of Overland Park and provided on-site observation & inspection services.