Kansas City, Missouri – H&R Block World Headquarters (phase II)
Apr 24, 2013

H&R Block World Headquarters (phase II)

Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades – Phase II

Kansas City, Missouri

This project is a result of comprehensive program developed for this facility under a preceding project. Under this phase, we expanded the existing data center by renovating the mail center to create a new computer lab, which was relocated to allow for the data center raised floor area to be expanded.

Under this expansion phase, we upgraded the electrical service to the building from 1,500 kVA to 2,500 kVA. We also upgraded the electrical power to the data center by adding an additional 1,200-amp power fed and replaced the 600 kW stand-by generator with a new 1.5 megawatt generator. In the newly renovated lab, we installed two 40-kW rack mounted UPS systems in an A/B configuration.

It was installed to support the data center, 30-tons of cooling was installed to support the new lab and the ups cooling system were upgraded to include an additional 10-tons.

In addition to design services, we provided construction observation & construction management for the project. This included material acquisition, managing sub-contractors, and maintaining real-time project schedules.

Value added services included all equipment start-up and commissioning. This included generator start-up & evaluation, UPS start-up, and all new air conditioning systems. Detailed reports were prepared for each piece of equipment after start-up was completed. Reports documented base-line information for full & part loading of equipment, documented operating parameters at full, 75%, 50%, and 25% load.

Testing and balancing services were provided under our scope of work for all new mechanical systems. In addition, existing mechanical systems were re-tested and performance rated so that we could have a clear snap-shot of all operating mechanical systems at the time this project was completed.