Johnson County, Kansas – On-Call Services
Apr 24, 2013

Johnson County, Kansas – On-Call Services

Public Offices and Other Facilities

Since 2005, sys-tek has provided MEP Consulting Engineering services on nearly twenty projects for Johnson County on an on-call basis. These projects have ranged in scope from system studies to design to commissioning to point-and-fix. Examples of a few of the projects we have fulfilled under this contract include:

Adult Residential Center

sys-tek provided design and construction administration services for replacement of mechanical systems in the 8,000 square foot ARC-1 facility, built in 1985. The existing facility ductwork was crushed by communications wiring crews who used the ductwork as their walkways. Further, the building tended to operate at or over the original design loading capacity. The existing HVAC equipment was insufficient to meet building loads. We designed new HVAC systems to convert the facility to variable air volume temperature control, with heating hot water and air-cooled chilling. The project design also included the installation of new hot water boilers and a new dry-pipe fire protection system.

Johnson County Operations Center

sys-tek provided MEP engineering design for the new Operations Center building, a facility with a two-story office in the front and warehouse in the back. Our scope included 10,000 square foot build-out for archive storage. HVAC systems were designed to maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the space year round. The second floor supports office loads with approximately 10,000 square feet to accommodate high-density type storage loads for rolling rack storage. During construction, our staff provided documentation of all equipment and systems, ensuring function complied with the facility’s system requirements, objectives, and all contract documents. Upon completion of construction, sys-tek commissioned the new Building Automation and HVAC systems to validate performance and reliability to meet the operational needs of the facility.

Johnson County Detention Center

After having the chiller replaced and increasing cooling capacity, this facility continued to experience operational problems. sys-tek was selected to troubleshoot the system by testing then commissioning to resolve operational and temperature control issues. Services included MEP engineering evaluation, system troubleshooting, testing, adjusting, and balancing of existing air handling and chilled water systems. Through field testing and engineering computation, we discovered air systems were operating at 60% of design capacity and were not originally designed to provide the required airflow. The chiller and increased pumping capacity that had been installed could not be fully utilized without further upgrades and modifications.

Johnson County Developmental Supports

This 67,000 SF facility is used to provide public support and assistance to people with special needs and disabilities, known as “consumers”. This building was evaluated as part of a 3-building study to identify potential opportunities to improve the facility. Those concepts are being incorporated into a full-scale building renovation. This facility must remain in operation to support consumer programs, so all construction must be phased. Major components of the renovation include upgrade or replacement of existing air handling units, conversion of one AHU from constant volume to VAV, complete 20,000 SF office renovation, and conversion of warehouse space to consumer work space.