Aventis Selectide – Biology Automation Relocation
Apr 24, 2013

Aventis Selectide

Biology Automation Relocation

Relocation of an existing robotics-based biology research laboratory and its associated radio-isotope laboratory. This was completed as part of an overall reconfiguration of the robotics laboratories at the facility. Utilities to the labs included compressed air, nitrogen, de-ionized water, vacuum, commercial, and UPS-protected power.

Included in the design was 100% outside air for the labs, a second level of HEPA filters at the diffusers to the room, and distribution of gases & electricity to the equipment. The automation equipment uses pneumatic devices which are normally actuated using the house compressed air system, but the design included a bypass manifold to switch the entire lab over to the house nitrogen system as necessary.

In addition to the typical electrical needs of the robotics equipment, the project also included the installation of a new 100kVA UPS to serve all of the laboratories. This UPS was installed in a dedicated equipment room which was centrally located to the labs.

Finally, due to the processes performed within the labs, cleanliness was a key concern in the design. Since the budget did not allow for implementing a true clean room, the design utilized a second level of >99.99% efficient HEPA filters to supplement the 85% HEPA filters in the air handler. The secondary level of filtration was installed as part of the diffusers located in the room. The room pressurization was established positive to adjacent spaces to keep dust out. In addition, the ceiling of the new space utilized vinyl-wrapped gypboard ceiling tiles instead of the commercial grade tiles used in the original laboratory.