When should Retro-Commissioning be implemented?
Aug 12, 2013

Retro-Commissioning is a process that can improve the efficiency of a building and maximize overall building performance, resulting in massive energy savings. Older buildings are usually the first to be considered for Retro-Commissioning, but newer buildings can still potentially turn over high amounts of energy waste.

How do you really know when Retro-Commissioning should be conducted on your building? Read on to find out.

Parts of a building or its systems have recently been upgraded

Retro-Commissioning ensures that a building as a whole can efficiently handle new upgrades from an energy standpoint, and that the new changes can meet performance requirements put in place by stakeholders.

A building undergoes major changes from an operations standpoint

Examples of major changes include when equipment becomes configured differently, a building has new occupants, or when space inside the building is being utilized differently than it was before. Retro-Commissioning can identify any new operational requirements that are needed for the building to run at optimal and efficient energy levels.

An older building is reactivated for use by new occupants

Retro-Commissioning can ensure that the appropriate equipment upgrades are made in an older building, or that the existing equipment is finely tuned for optimal energy efficiency and performance.

Historical energy-use data shows a gradual increase over time

When a building begins to consume more and more energy as time goes by, it’s possible that the equipment is experiencing wear or needs upgrading. Retro-Commissioning identifies why a building is using more energy and will help resolve system or equipment failures that are contributing to the loss of efficiency.

Maintenance costs are higher than usual

If recent maintenance costs for a building have been abnormally high, it may be time to seek Retro-Commissioning and have current equipment and systems worked on or upgraded.

Complaints about comfort problems or equipment are consistently reported by occupants

Retro-Commissioning may be required if occupants consistently file complaints about indoor temperature, or if equipment regularly malfunctions. Retro-Commissioning can address and improve HVAC efficiency as well as equipment issues.

If your building meets any of the above criteria, it may need Retro-Commissioning. Contact sys-tek to learn more about Retro-Commissioning and its potential impact on your energy costs.