Goals of the retro-commissioning process
Aug 14, 2013

In addition to helping a building save thousands of dollars on energy costs every year, Retro-Commissioning can also result in the improved comfort, safety, and health of a building’s occupants or tenants. When Retro-Commissioning is performed on a building, certain goals should be considered to ensure that the process results in the maximum improvements possible.

Goals of the Retro-Commissioning process include:

    • Optimize and improve energy efficiency by focusing on current operations. The Retro-Commissioning process will identify and implement the necessary upgrades to result in overall building improvements in efficiency.
    • Improve the safety, comfort, and in some cases, the health of all building occupants. By performing a thorough evaluation of all systems, controls, and equipment, Retro-Commissioning results in a better indoor environment for tenants. An added bonus is that employees in a building often demonstrate better productivity if they feel comfortable and safe in their work environments.
    • Provide operations personnel with the training needed to sustain building performance. The success of a Retro-Commissioning project depends largely on the knowledge of a building’s operations personnel. Training and certification may be necessary for some personnel to help guarantee that a building continues to perform at optimal levels.
    • Reduce a building’s repair, maintenance, and operations costs. Retro-Commissioning will result in improvements being made to current maintenance processes and operational requirements.
    • Gain widespread acceptance of Retro-Commissioning being a standard and continuous practice. From an operations standpoint, all systems and equipment should be tested and maintained regularly to help ensure that energy efficiency remains at optimal, acceptable levels.

Considering these goals, Retro-Commissioning is guaranteed to improve overall system operations and boost overall building performance. Contact sys-tek today to learn more about the Retro-Commissioning process and how it could result in massive energy savings for your facility.