Determining roles in a Retro-Commissioning project
Aug 28, 2013

For a Retro-Commissioning project to have lasting success, the entire staff and faculty of an organization must be on board and dedicated to making sure the project is fully carried out. Establishing a Retro-Commissioning project with a team-oriented approach can foster a sense of collaboration that is vital to the success of such a large-scale project.

Developing a team environment also encourages open communication, which can be helpful when existing building staff can provide the Retro-Commissioning agent with historical data, feedback, and ideas about how to improve a building’s overall performance and energy efficiency.

After a Retro-Commissioning project has been set in motion, the building owner must also stay involved throughout the project to follow up on goals and progress. By staying engaged with both the building staff and the Retro-Commissioning agent, the owner’s involvement can both directly and indirectly encourage successful implementation of new processes.

Staff roles and responsibilities during Retro-Commissioning

Building owner or representative: Develop a team consisting of facility staff members, establish project goals and expectations, and provide the team with information and resources needed to complete the project.

Facility staff members: Conduct all necessary system maintenance and servicing before system testing and work with the Retro-Commissioning agent on running system operations tests.

Retro-Commissioning agent: Assist owner with developing scope of work for contractors and facility staff, develop reports that outline project opportunities, and work with facility staff on running tests and verifying system operations.

Contractors: Perform tasks as required through contracts on all design changes, or on all controls or electrical and HVAC systems, and test equipment for efficiency after implementation or installation.

By fostering a positive and innovative team environment between the owner, facility staff, contractors, and the Retro-Commissioning provider, your project will be more likely to demonstrate lasting success and save thousands or even millions on energy costs. Contact sys-tek today for more details on Retro-Commissioning and how it can be performed on your building to result in massive savings.