Defining Retro-Commissioning objectives
Sep 30, 2013

The objectives of a Retro-Commissioning project play a critical role in the development of a provider’s Scope of Work for the project. A set of objectives helps building owners, building staff, and the Retro-Commissioning agent adhere to steps that should be taken during the project to result in the desired and projected energy savings.

Retro-Commissioning objectives are usually created and defined by the building owner before a provider is hired, but sometimes, owners who hire a Retro-Commissioning agent first can benefit from additional suggestions, input, and expertise supplied by the agent.

Examples of objectives that could be included in a Retro-Commissioning plan are:

  • Identify potential projects that could lead to massive energy savings. Some projects could require further investigation from the provider.
  • Identify possible improvements that can be made to current maintenance procedures and systems to result in energy savings and lower operating costs.
  • Work with facility and building staff in collecting and analyzing data to help identify existing areas of opportunity with current operating procedures.
  • Identify improvements that can be made to indoor air quality.
  • Create recommendations for improving the building’s current documentation.
  • Work with management on adding clauses to rental and lease agreements that require tenants to practice sustainability and energy-efficient techniques.

After a list of Retro-Commissioning objectives has been developed, building owners can include the document with the provider’s Scope of Work. Together, the provider and building owners can train and work with all building staff in making sure all tasks are completed during the course of the project.

The most successful Retro-Commissioning projects are those in which internal building staff are included and consulted with throughout the life of a project. In-house staff can often provide invaluable recommendations and insight for certain phases of a project, and can even receive extra training and experience that can help with maintaining the building’s operations long after a Retro-Commissioning project has ended.

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