Existing building commissioning (Retro-commissioning) is the path to improving building energy performance and identifying capital improvement projects that will increase the value of a structure and save energy for most building owners.

The initial phase that needs to take place in developing an effective energy performance program for your building is to see its ranking using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Using this program will give you a ranking of your building based on similar buildings in the United States. The setup of the Portfolio Manager can be time consuming, and Sys-Tek has staff that can set this up for you at a competitive cost.

You might have heard us say this before, but we’ll say it again: you cannot optimize what you cannot measure. For this reason it is important to take this first step. Once this step is completed, our trained professional staff can walk your facility and identify potential operational changes as well as capital upgrades that can reduce energy costs and improve building performance. The energy program becomes a road map for the facility that prioritizes necessary steps to improve your building’s performance.

The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program developed by the federal government is designed to assist building owners with the needed capital to implement effective energy programs for their buildings. How the program is implemented varies by state.

In Missouri, the Missouri Clean Energy Funding, LLC (MOCEF) was established to implement the program where cities and municipalities have completed the application for the fund. To qualify for the program, your property taxes must be current and your building has to be at least 50% occupied.

sys-tek Energy Program Development and Implementation

To assist building owners in taking advantage of the PACE program as well as other incentives that may be available from local utility companies, we developed an Energy Task Force that will visit your site to see if your facility qualifies for the PACE program. Our task force will perform all the engineering required to rate your building, identify upgrades, develop the energy program, design and bid the upgrades and assist you in completing the application at zero cost to the building owner. Meaning, if we visit your site and cannot develop an energy program that can be submitted to PACE, you (as the building owner) can keep the information we developed at no charge.

However, If we do see potential, sys-tek will submit your project, and assist the building owner in submitting the application to PACE. The application requires that engineering be completed for competitive bid prices, along with engineering evaluation and calculations to show energy savings. The building owner needs to fill out a simple application giving specifics about the building and its value. The package is then sent to MOCEF for Missouri projects for approval.

All cost for engineering, program development, construction management, maintenance, and another cost for implementation will be included in the funding request to MOCEF. In fact, the only time the building owner would have any out of pocket expense is if after the application is submitted and approved, and the building owner decides not to implement at least a portion of the program, then our fees for developing the program along with all engineering will become due and paid for by the building owner.

We have to work the sys-tek Energy Program Development and Implementation this way to ensure we are not wasting our time working with a non-serious building owner.

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