The Importance of Owner Involvement in Retro-Commissioning
Sep 16, 2014

retro-commissioning-1The company that you choose to work with on your retro-commissioning project is, in large part, responsible for the success of the project. However, the building owner can have a large impact on the outcome as well.

Building owners who take an active role in the retro-commissioning process can greatly increase the benefits and impact of the project and lower the costs. Of course, for some projects the building owner themselves might not be the ideal person to take point but whomever the owner chooses as their day to day representative, preferably someone invested in and familiar with the structure, should be actively involved in the process.

One reason that the building owner is key to the success of a retro-commissioning project is familiarity. For some structures high energy use is unavoidable and an accepted part of building operations. However, the owner is typically aware of energy fluctuations even if they are not sure why they are occurring. Information like gradual or rapid increases in energy consumption is very helpful for the retro-commissioning team and the owner is usually in an ideal position to provide this type of information.

Owners are also ideal for providing the team with details about the day to day operation of the building. Key facts like the types of businesses in the building, building requirements, and even building history can greatly increase the efficiency of the retro-commissioning process.

Another area where the building owner is particularly useful is communication. The building owner can often act as an intermediary for the retro-commissioning team and key building personnel as well as tenants. The owner can also help disseminate important information between building staff and the team.

The most important reason for the building owner to take an active role in the retro-commissioning process is because only the owner knows what their goals and desired outcomes are. The more clearly the owner can communicate their goals, the better chance the retro-commissioning team has of meeting them.

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