Retro-Commissioning Provides Kansas City Businesses with Cost-Saving Advantages
Jun 14, 2013

The benefits of implementing a retro-commissioning program are centered on one key goal: how to save your business money. The process involves finding underperforming equipment and replacing or fixing it to make it operate the way it was meant to. The result is a reduction in energy usage in the workplace, which is where the cost savings from retro-commissioning come from. A business that uses appropriately working equipment will be more likely to keep its systems functional without having to waste excess energy to get it to work at a certain level. Energy will not be lost to devices that aren’t working properly, thus making them more effective and suitable for keeping utility operations running.

Retro-Commissioning Example #1 – North Kansas City Hospital

Retro-commissioning programs have been used by many businesses in and around Kansas City to help keep their energy usage levels under control and thereby reduce costs. An example of this can be found in the recent work done on the North Kansas City Hospital. Its HVAC system was tested after the hospital found that its operating rooms were experiencing unwanted reductions in their humidity totals. A retro-commissioning procedure was performed and the humidifier, duct terminals and other parts of the HVAC system were tested to see how individual parts were working. It was found that a few pieces of the duct box were not operating properly. Therefore, repairs had to be made to keep the HVAC system up and running. Since then, the operating rooms have attained an appropriate amount of humidity while the hospital is spending less on keeping the air in the rooms under control. The hospital estimates that it saved close to $5,000 in the first year after retro-commissioning was complete.

Retro-Commissioning Example # 2 – Ameristar Casino Hotel

Another example of retro-commissioning in Kansas City can be found in the recent analysis of the Ameristar Casino Hotel. The hotel was inspected to see how its water flow, airflow and mechanical systems were running. It was found that a few of the ducts had to be retrofitted and repaired in order to make the air flow easier within the building. This helped Ameristar to reduce its operating costs by using less energy to transfer air into the building. The company saved about $2,000 in annual costs thanks to the retro-commissioning program.

The total cost savings that come with retro-commissioning are clearly going to vary based on the changes that have to be made. An average retro-commissioning job should result in at least ten to twenty percent savings on energy costs. Payback is between one to three years after the task is complete, and savings extend into more than just the first year after it is performed.

Retro-commissioning is a valuable procedure that will keep any business in the Kansas City area running properly without using more power than is necessary. It is a highly recommended for any business looking to save thousands of dollars each year on expenses from utility usage.