Financial benefits of Energy Star Certification
Nov 13, 2013

Buildings that become Energy Star Certified or Energy Star Labeled are not just able to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and performance, but are also able to benefit from massive financial savings. The types of savings earned from becoming Energy Star Labeled include direct savings from reduced energy use, greater building asset value, ongoing savings as a result of improvements in energy usage, and improved building occupancy.

Direct savings benefits

Studies have shown that buildings that become Energy Star Labeled have annual energy bills that are approximately 35% lower than all other buildings. As a whole, all Energy Star buildings are one-third more energy efficient than all other standard buildings in the United States.

Greater building asset value

Analysis has shown that Energy Star Certification results in increased building value. Building and energy performance that proves reliable and consistent over time results in higher net operating income.

Ongoing energy savings

Buildings that become Energy Star Labeled show 20% higher savings in energy efficiency six years after becoming certified than in the first year. As years go by, buildings are able to save thousands, if not millions on energy as a result of making energy-efficient changes under the Energy Star label.

Improved tenant occupancy and comfort

Generally, Energy Star Labeled buildings have better trends in tenant occupancy and comfort as a result of more efficient lighting and ventilation, and more advanced energy management and control systems. When occupants and tenants are satisfied and comfortable with their environment, buildings will experience higher occupancy rates and profitability.

Additional financial benefits

Studies show that additional financial benefits of Energy Star Labeling include savings in operations and maintenance costs, reduced emissions, and less exposure to inflammation of energy prices. Some buildings may even benefit from financial returns awarded to those that produce less emissions and have a reduced impact on poor environmental health.

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