Existing building commissioning best practices: Turnover phase
Nov 20, 2013

The turnover phase of an Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) project occurs after all building and facility improvements have been made, and the building staff works on transitioning back to regular, standard operating practices. During the turnover phase, it’s important to make sure that staff is provided with and familiar with all documentation, processes, and system functions for new and updated equipment.

Additionally, the turnover phase will require all building staff to learn how to execute new processes and operate new systems for ongoing success in regards to building production, maintenance, and operations.

The following best practices will help make sure that the turnover phase of an EBCx project runs smoothly:

  • Update all operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals and as-built documentation. During the turnover phase, all manuals and documentation should be updated accordingly to reflect new processes and changes that occurred during the EBCx project. This will help keep all building staff trained and on the same page when it comes to operating and maintaining equipment.
  • Develop a final report. The final report includes all activity and changes that were made during an EBCx project and is valuable to have on-hand for future commissioning projects.
  • Compile and update the systems manual. The systems manual is a compilation of building documentation that contains descriptions of all systems and sequence of operations. The systems manual should contain information such as the construction record documents, training materials, basis of design, O&M manuals, and the final EBCx report.
  • Establish an ongoing plan for EBCx and continuous improvements. During the turnover phase, all building staff should be trained on how to maintain system performance to achieve ongoing success through long-term energy savings. Additionally, the plan should contain information that helps benchmark building performance, such as energy consumption before and after an EBCx project.
  • Develop a training plan. An updated and thorough training plan can help with educating future building staff on current maintenance processes and keep current staff in the loop with certain procedures.
  • Hold a meeting on lessons learned during EBCx. For the final stage of the turnover phase, the commissioning provider, building owner, and building staff should meet to discuss the knowledge gained throughout the course of the EBCx project. This practice can help all parties identify and recognize the value of specific changes that were made during the project, and can serve as a valuable learning experience for everyone involved.