sys-tek provides on-call services for the University of Missouri – Kansas City. This provides UMKC with pre-established fees and conditions, and sys-tek is able to respond very quickly to the needs of the University.

Electrical Testing Study

The purpose of this project was to establish a routine maintenance plan for electrical distribution equipment at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) campus. A well-administered electrical preventive maintenance program minimizes costly equipment failures and unplanned facility shutdowns. By effectively implementing the program, potential problems can be identified before they become major problems that require expensive and immediate remediation. As part of this study, sys-tekassisted UMKC Facilities personnel in inspecting and observing more than 250 different electrical devices in 24 buildings on the UMKC campus. These devices included switchboards, panelboards, disconnect switches, circuit breakers, motor control centers, transformers, and busway 400 Amps & larger. After physically reviewing all equipment in the field, sys-tek entered this information into a spreadsheet database and reviewed relevant industry resources to identify testing & maintenance procedures that are relevant for UMKC equipment. sys-tek also reviewed all the equipment to assign priorities based on the age of the equipment and the nature of loads it is serving.

Royal Dining Hall – Test And Balance & Commissioning

sys-tek performed field testing and commissioning of the HVAC systems serving the kitchen area that supports the dining hall. During this testing, we reviewed the upgrades that were currently under construction and coordinated our activity with the design engineer. At the conclusion of the project, we provided a documented report benchmarking the operation of the mechanical systems serving the dining hall.

Oak Street Housing Study

This project was initiated on an emergency call out where sys-tek responded in less than 1-hour from receiving the call. The building has a water source heat pump system where systems were designed and installed under a design/build contract. The resulting systems were never properly commissioned, so boilers were cycling and subsequently failing. Upon failure of any one of the three boilers when the outdoor air temperature is less than 20F, the heat pump loop will loose its ability to provide heat to the building. From our field testing, retrocommissioning engineering evaluation, sys-tek provided a project plan to add an additional boiler and stand-alone boiler control system. In a subsequent phase, sys-tek provided all design and construction services to implement the project recommendations.

Other projects have included: multiple engineering studies, UPS power upgrades, and troubleshooting mechanical & facility systems.

Since 2006 sys-tek has completed over 20 separate projects under this contract.