Preliminary Assessment

In 2007, sys-tek conducted an electrical infrastructure evaluation on over 250 units of electrical distribution equipment in 24 buildings within the UMKC system. The intent of this study was to visually assess all electrical equipment over 400A to ascertain its long-term viability, and to recommend maintenance procedures for these systems.

Spencer Chemistry and Bio-Sciences Building

As a follow up to our original electrical assessment, sys-tek was asked to develop alternatives for replacing and upgrading busway within the Spencer Chemistry and Bio-Sciences Building. Because of its age (nearly 40 years) and normal building vibrations, the existing busway has been routinely failing. Replacement parts for the busway are scarce, making it difficult to repair busway sections when they failed.

sys-tek reviewed the existing electrical infrastructure and developed two different methods for replacing the existing busway system, while maintaining operations in the laboratories. In addition, based on the original electrical infrastructure evaluation, sys-tek included optional costs to replace all electrical distribution equipment exceeding the 400A because it is difficult to service as well.

This electrical system evaluation was completed rapidly, in just over two weeks from notification to proceed. sys-tek’s familiarity with the facilities and the electrical systems in the Spencer Chemistry and Bio-Sciences Building made the quick turnaround required for this project possible.