University Center Royal Hall Dining Improvements

Our commissioning scope included the commissioning of the mechanical equipment and electronic building automation control systems. The systems commissioned were chilled and hot water systems, air-handling units, traditional variable volume systems, terminal units including VAV boxes, exhaust fans, and temperature control systems.

  • Chiller systems: All of the equipment and controls associated with the chilled water system functionally testing including control valves and piping systems.
  • Hot water systems including heat exchangers, circulating pumps, and hot water heating coils.
  • Air-handling: Functionally testing including the heating, cooling, make-up air, and fan speed control.
  • Test and balance (TAB) work.
  • Temperature Control and Building Automation System (BAS). This includes verification of operation, the sequence of control of each piece of equipment, and calibration of hardware points.
  • Exhaust fans
  • Building pressurization

Functional testing was accomplished by the procedures developed by our commissioning plan. In general, each function of the control system was tested to determine that correct or anticipated reaction is achieved with the following procedure.

  • Create a disturbance by either physical manipulation or manipulation through the control software by overriding set points.
  • Monitor the reaction of the control system and equipment.
  • Verify that the proper and anticipated reaction is obtained. If an incorrect reaction is obtained, determine the problem preventing the correct reaction, repair the problem, and retest.
  • Verify that an alarm is issued if required by the contract documents.
  • Remove the disturbance and allow the system to return to normal operation.
  • Verify alarms are cleared and that the system has returned to normal operation.

The final verification that the system meets the contract document requirements is to trend the operation of the systems.