This project included services such as engineering evaluation, program planning, and field testing of the electrical systems serving campus buildings. Under our approach, we broke the project down into four separate phases:

Site Inspection And Review

We identified 23 primary buildings on the main campus and two buildings on Hospital Hill where electrical systems testing was performed. The initial task was to review all current documentation that may exist for each facility. Using this documentation, we made a field inspection of each facility.

Risk Assessment

Using our notes and engineering data collected and cataloged under the previous phase, we performed a risk assessment of test methods and procedures. Our risk assessment identified potential failures that may occur from testing and provided contingency plans in the event of component failure. The objective was to validate that the test plan, when implemented, would provide the ability to recover if a failure occurred while testing.

Procedures and Test Plan

Under this phase of the project, we developed detailed test plans and procedures for each facility. Procedures include systematic tasks outlined in sufficient detail to ensure that power interruptions are minimized, and when testing was complete, the building was restored to its normal operation.

Field Testing and Documentation

During this phase of the project, all field testing was implemented based on the testing plan and schedule. We provided continuous on-site support during testing. Prior to testing each building, we submitted detailed Method of Procedures (MOP), which included estimated timelines for each test and procedure. Using the MOP, we then met with UMKC staff to coordinate all work and validated potential effects from testing; such as freezers, HVAC equipment, lab equipment, and other critical equipment that could have been effected from testing. From this meeting, we then revised the MOPs to ensure that when testing was completed, normal building operations were restored and validated.