Olathe, Kansas

Initially for this facility, we performed MEP engineering evaluation, system trouble shooting, testing, adjusting, and balancing of existing air handling and chilled water systems serving the facility. A year prior to our firm getting involved with this facility, the chiller plant was replaced and increased in capacity. However, after the cooling capacity was increased, the facility continued to have operational problems, specifically on the fourth floor.

The project objective was to troubleshoot the system by testing, and then commissioning to resolve operational and temperature control issues. Services provided included site inspection, review, HVAC system readout, evaluation, and troubleshooting.

Peer Review

Through field testing and engineering computation, we concluded that the HVAC air system serving this facility was not operating at design, nor did it appear to be capable of providing the cooling required to satisfy the cooling load as the system was originally designed.

Our system testing included reading out each of the four air handling systems, which included airflow, pressure profile, and chilled water pressure drop through the cooling coils. In addition, testing included spot checking duct pressure on the 4th floor mezzanine and a walkthrough of the chiller plant.

Not Your Typical Engineering Solutions

In conclusion, air systems were operating at 60 percent of design capacity and were not originally designed to provide the required airflow. As a result, the increased chiller and pumping capacity installed could not be fully utilized without further upgrades.

Building Expansion and Remodel (18-million plus)

Recently we just completed the schematic design for central booking and remodeling for this facility. Project scope included complete replacement and upgrade of all mechanical and electrical systems serving the facility. Upgrades include new central heat recovery air systems uniquely designed specifically for this facility.