Johnson County, Kansas

The Johnson County Facilities Management Department contracted sys-tek to provide Commissioning, Testing, and Balancing Services for a new 133,000 square foot, $55.5 million Adult Detention Center located at the Fred Allenbrand Criminal Justice Complex.

To ensure commissioning requirements were designed from the inception of the project, sys-tek provided consulting design services to assist the design team in the development of the Detention Center Campus. We coordinated very closely with the project team for the development of the master plan for the campus build-out.

In the initial task, we documented the owner’s project requirements (OPRs) and develop a basis of design (BOD). The OPR document was used as the road map during the design process and is now being further developed during construction to develop all functional testing requirements as well as all integration test procedures.

Level V Commissioning

Systems and equipment commissioned, tested, and balanced under this project included Chilled Water Plant, Heating Hot Water Boiler Plant, Energy Recovery Air Handling Units, CRAC Units, VAV Boxes, Exhaust, Smoke Purge, BMS, Generators, Central Battery Inverter Plant, and Lighting Control. This also included Air and Hydronic balancing for all new equipment and systems.

Commissioning initiatives include:

Level I Commissioning – “Design Phase”: Provides detailed and comprehensive commissioning specifications and a critique of design as it pertains to commissioning.

Level II Commissioning – “Construction Phase”: Reviews and coordinates the application of the testing plan. This is achieved by observing and documenting the installation and start-up of all equipment and systems to ensure compliance with systems requirements, objectives, and all contract documents.

Level III Commissioning – “Acceptance Phase”: Provides on-site testing, commissioning, and performance testing.

Level IV Commissioning – “Integrated Systems Testing Phase”: Consists of demonstrating the interaction between the building systems with one another under both normal and abnormal operating conditions.

Level V Commissioning – “Warranty Phase”: Consists of supporting facility personnel, reviewing facility performance, as well as coordination and implementation of performance issues.

Communication is Key

The key to success when providing commissioning, testing, and balancing services for a project of this caliber is extensive communication between the owner, architect, engineer, and contractors. Ensuring project team unity and establishing an environment of cooperation throughout the project is a goal of sys-tek’s commissioning team.