Small Business, Big Projects
Nov 10, 2009

Unlike the majority of the other engineering firms in Kansas City and Houston, we are a smaller company. A smaller company with BIG jobs. And that’s how we prefer it. We love the challenging projects, we love to work hard, and to see our hard work pay off. Not only do we see the project when it is on paper, but we see it come alive. From project inception to start-up, we have a presence on the job-site, and we are always available for our clients.

In fact, most of our projects come from repeat clients. Or even better, from referrals. To us, that is a sincere form of flattery. We understand that individuals want to work with people that make their job easier, not harder. It’s that simple. We also understand that you get what you pay for. When competing with other companies, we may not always be the cheapest. But we do know that you wont need to hire another company after we leave to fix our mistakes. In fact, some clients hire us to fix others’ mistakes. We prefer to take the time to do it right the first time. It saves us money, and it saves our clients money. Not only that but it enables us to build strong business relationships with the clients that we serve.